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We’re featuring some of America’s top New Year’s resolutions, Ocean Canyon style. Last time we talked about losing weight, and if there are two things camping vacations do very well it’s helping you to get moving and eat healthy.

Doctors advise you to reduce red meat and to eat fish and seafood 3-4 times a week. Well, we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that catching your dinner here on Lake Texoma Shores – especially if it includes an aerobic workout tangling with a spirited crappie – is just what the doctor ordered!

Of course, your doctor won’t encourage you to dredge the fish in corn meal and deep fry it. The tastiest way to eat fish is grilled over an open flame. Bring along your favorite spice concoctions: Cajun, Mrs. Dash, lemon pepper, or just use a little garlic salt and pepper to sprinkle on those beauties. You can also marinade the fillets in Italian dressing for an hour if you prefer.

Fresh fish grills better than frozen – it actually stays firmer. A fish basket is a nice item to bring along to avoid the heartbreaking moment when your big catch slips into the fire. Or, wrap the fish in foil; it won’t taste as smoky but it will keep more of your seasonings on the fish. Be sure to sprinkle the foil with oil ahead of time so it doesn’t stick.

While the catch of the day is grilling over the open flame, the birds are singing, the sun is setting… grab that package of salad fixins and toss it with broccoli, tomato and red onion. Spritz both your salad and those gorgeous fillets with a lemon before eating. Nothing too complicated, because the fish will cook in under 10 minutes!

For other healthy campfire food ideas, visit http://blog.gaiam.com/blog/rethinking-campfire-food-15-healthy-easy-ideas-2-recipes/

Hop in the RV and come see us soon. The fish are waiting, and your doctor will be so proud!





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