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Zodi Outback Hot Tap Travel Shower  shower
Let’s face it. Boiling water in a pan via your campfire isn’t all that convenient. Pouring it over your husbands head because he hasn’t had a shower in a week is dangerous, even if it does reduce the funk factor. Perhaps a safer solution is the Zodi hot water unit. Nice warm water when you need it. It connects to the regular fuel tanks you’re probably already using for cooking making it a nice fit with your camping gear.



sherpaGoal Zero Sherpa 50
When you think about it, it’s amazing how much we rely on electrical power. Power is in our lives so much we don’t think about it, until it is gone. That’s not really a good time to have to think about it…when you think about it. It’s always good to have back up power, or in the camping world, power for your gadgets that you couldn’t leave at home. Goal Zero has been around for a few years now offering power on the go as well as back up power. The Sherpa 50 will power lights, computers, smart phones, smart tablets and more using power from the sun. Get yourself a back up solution and go back to not thinking about it.



cellphoneholderEmerse Large Cell phone holder
In a fight between water and electronics, water is king, so when you go out on the lake you’ll want to protect your phone with something that is water tight and yet still accessible. The Emerse pouch is water tight and seals up like a zip lock bag and still allows you to be able to talk and text without removing it. That’s pretty handy if you’re going to be out fishing, skiiing or on the wet bike.


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