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Camping and vacationing with the Sea Eagle inflatable boat

So you’ve been out on the water for hours and have a full string of gorgeous fish to show for it. You pull your boat ashore, secure it, gather your personal items and go clean your catch. It’s been a great day, but you’re camp vacation is almost over and tomorrow you’re packing it in.

Camping 101: If Your Feet Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy

Getting out and enjoying nature is one of the most enjoyable aspects of camping. Here’s the least enjoyable: finding yourself in the great outdoors with the worst instrument-of-torture footwear since wooden clogs. There are many factors that go into the science of building and buying hiking shoes. We have no clue about any of that,

Handy camping items you won’t want to be without

Have you seen the LuminAID Light? This little plastic pillow-like thing has a built-in solar panel that, when fully charged, remains lighted for six hours on the High setting (about 35 lumens), or up to ten hours on Low. It folds up to the size of an iPhone and weighs 3 ounces. Clip it on

Great Camping Gear for your Next Adventure

Zodi Outback Hot Tap Travel Shower   Let’s face it. Boiling water in a pan via your campfire isn’t all that convenient. Pouring it over your husbands head because he hasn’t had a shower in a week is dangerous, even if it does reduce the funk factor. Perhaps a safer solution is the Zodi hot water

OCP Series: New years resolutions; Saving money while camping 3

Over the past weeks we’ve written about the most popular resolutions people make from year to year. From our particular vantage point of Ocean Canyon camping and RVing, we’ve tried to help you lose weight, get fit, get organized, enjoy life more, learn something new and spend more time with important people in your life.

Thoughts on RV camping etiquette

Love to camp? Love to leave civilization behind and strike out for the great outdoors? Whether you’re an RV camper or a tent under the stars type, there are useful points to remember in order to make camping fun for yourself as well as the next guy. How well do you know outdoor etiquette? Which

OCP Series: New years resolutions; Eat your fish!

We’re featuring some of America’s top New Year’s resolutions, Ocean Canyon style. Last time we talked about losing weight, and if there are two things camping vacations do very well it’s helping you to get moving and eat healthy. Doctors advise you to reduce red meat and to eat fish and seafood 3-4 times a

OCP Series: New years resolutions; Dieting. Eat Simple. Move Simple.

We’re taking on the most popular resolutions and giving them an Ocean Canyon spin! Last time we addressed spending more time with family and friends (to see that article, and the complete list of of the most popular resolutions, go to Tres Rios RV Park’s Blog). Today we deal with a resolution almost everyone can

Fishing Paradise at Texoma Shores

Thinking about coming to Lake Texoma to visit us? Well, if you like fishing, you may have found your own personal paradise! Lake Texoma is one of the largest reservoirs in the United States. The lake is formed by the Denison Dam on the Red River in Bryan County, Oklahoma and Grayson County, Texas. Attracting

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