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So you’ve been out on the water for hours and have a full string of gorgeous fish to show for it. You pull your boat ashore, secure it, gather your personal items and go clean your catch. It’s been a great day, but you’re camp vacation is almost over and tomorrow you’re packing it in. After dinner, you’ll come back for your boat, pack it up and stow it in your RV.Wait; what? IN your RV?

You read that right. Your fishing boat weighs 42 pounds and stores in a zip carry bag with a shoulder strap!

inflatable fishing boat The Mean Green Fishing Machine is actually a frameless pontoon boat. It holds 450 lbs, so it’s either a one-man (or two with good math skills), it has a blow-up seat with back rest and oars that attach to the sides that will row forward or backward. It comes with a foot pump, carry bag and a repair kit, which hopefully you won’t need; since they tested it by bashing it with a claw hammer, you should be okay running into the dock a time or two. If you like, there are neat extras you can add to it, such as a swivel seat, a wooden floorboard and a motor mount if you really want to zip along. Read more about it and see the video here.

inflatable kayak
Can’t decide what kind of boat you want? How about an inflatable boat with multiple personalities? That’s the Sea Eagle PaddleSki Catamaran Kayak. It has two separate inner tubes below – the catamaran part – that keeps it more stable than a regular kayak. Out for a quiet, leisurely ride? Use the paddles to quietly glide over the water without disturbing the waterbirds. If you want a bit more exercise, equip the boat with a rowing frame and sliding seat. There’s also a sail kit to turn it into a small sailboat, a side motor mount for an outboard if a motorboat is more your speed, and finally, a fishing swivel seat kit with rod holders to trick it out as a fishing boat. You can learn more about the PaddleSki’s amazing possibilities, as well as all the other inflatable boats they feature, here.

Whatever watercraft you prefer – or if you’re a fish-off-the-dock kind of camper who enjoys the water at a distance – we hope you come visit us soon at Texoma Shores and experience all that beautiful Lake Texoma has to offer. Summer’s here and the fish are biting!

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